Koolunga Primary School

History of Koolunga Primary School

Koolunga was the name given to the district by the explorer Edward John Eyre. Koolunga is the
Ngadjuri Aboriginal word for the red banks of the River Broughton, east of Hope's Crossing. On
the 5th of March, 1846, John Hope applied for an occupation licence for land which roughly
comprises the present Hundred of Koolunga.

The hundred of Koolunga was proclaimed on the 15th of July, 1869. On the 30th of August, 1875,
the township was surveyed by W.G. Evans. Township blocks were offered for sale on the 7th of
October, 1875. The first mention of Koolunga School appears in the Report of the Council of
Education for the year 1877. It was recommended that one large room be built to accommodate
80 pupils. A second room was added later. Three other schools were established within the
Hundred of Koolunga: Old Koolunga Station School (from about 1889-1897), the Koolunga Hills
School (1901-1913), and Mallee Grove School (1920-1945). The peak year for Koolunga Primary
School was 1889, when 130 students attended the school.